BBVPS Windows VPS For Forex MT4 Hosting

Are you a Forex trader who wants to run an EA (Robot) 24x7 on his live or demo forex account ? Then you've come to the right place ! You need BBVPS Windows VPS Service. Please read the entire page to know why.

Why to get a Windows VPS ?

If you are serious about running an EA on a live account or forward testing an EA on a demo account , you should really consider to get a Windows VPS because :

  1. Your home PC is not reliable enough and may crash and interrupt the EA. BBVPS Servers are very reliable and will not crash.
  2. Your home internet is not reliable enough and it may get disconnected and interrupt the EA. BBVPS network is connected to several best US internet backbones and has 99.99% uptime SLA.
  3. You can not let your PC to be turned on 24x7. Your hardware will burn eventually. BBVPS Servers are built to work 24x7.
  4. The total costs of running an EA 24x7 on your home PC is higher than getting our Windows VPS Plans. consider electricity and internet bills and hardware costs and ... , our HV-256 Plan is just $19.95/mo.

So far you know why you need a Windows VPS , but why to choose BBVPS ?

  1. BBVPS uses the unique Microsoft developed technology named Hyper-V as our virtualization platform.
  2. Hyper-V ( BBVPS virtualization platform ) provides you dedicated resources and very high performance and stability.
  3. BBVPS does not oversell our servers ( as Hyper-V provides dedicated resources , it is impossible to oversell the servers )
  4. BBVPS uses very powerful servers with data integrity and backup solutions ( Dual Quad Core 5430 + Raid 10 Disks ) so your data is safe.
  5. BBVPS staff are MT4 trained and they are able to assist you to setup your VPS and trading platforms on it.
  6. BBVPS provides you 24x7 support , you are never left alone.
  7. We have best price and 7 days money back guarantee.
  8. BBVPS is an EV ( Extended Verified ) registered company in US , Nevada State. Check our SSL site by this link :
    and your browser bar will become green which means BBVPS is a verified trustworthy true business company.

You are not sure about our prices ?

feel free to search the internet and find another Hyper-V VPS provider who offers a better price. BBVPS will match it for you :)

Which Plan is suitable for you ?

For Running up to 2 MT4 Platform   : HV-256   ($19.95/mo) - Click Here To Order via SSL
For Running up to 5 MT4 Platform   : HV-384   ($24.95/mo) - Click Here To Order via SSL

For Running up to 10 MT4 Platform : HV-512   ($29.95/mo) - Click Here To Order via SSL

For Running up to 20 MT4 Platform : HV-1024 ($49.95/mo) - Click Here To Order via SSL

Click Here for a full list of Windows VPS Plans.

You dont know how to connect to your VPS and setup it up ?

Read this Guide : How to use Windows VPS For Forex Traders

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