BBVPS Memory Checker Installation and Usage Guide
What is BBVPS Memory Checker ?

BBVPS Memory Checker is a tool developed by BBVPS exclusively for its clients which monitors Hyper-V VPS memory usage and will notify the user if it runs out of free memory.

Why is it important to monitor the VPS memory ?

If VPS runs out of free memory , first it starts to use its hard disk as virtual memory. as hard disk is significantly slower than RAM , it can seriously affect VPS performance.
in serious cases shortage of free memory can cause the VPS to become unstable and crash.

How does BBVPS Memory Checker work ?

It checks the VPS total memory installed and total memory usage every 1 second , if sufficient free memory is available on VPS , its indicator will be green. if memory usage is on the edge the indicator will be yellow. if VPS is low on free memory the indicator will become red.

What I have to do if indicator becomes red ?

If indicator is red on your VPS , you can start to close unneeded running applications on your VPS until it becomes green or you have to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it asking to add additional ram to your VPS.
The price of additional memory is :
256MB : $15/mo
512MB : $25/mo
1024MB : $45/mo

Installation Guide :
-Download memusage.exe on your VPS desktop from following link :
-Double click on memusage.exe on your VPS desktop , a window like the image below will appear on your VPS desktop showing your VPS memory installed and memory usage.

- There is no need to close this application on your VPS , keep it running all the time.